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"On Beauty"

"Plastic Plants"

"The Hiking Trip"

"Bite-Sized Paintings"

Bite-Sized Painting Sale Precocious, a webcomic by Christopher J Paulsen The Sycophant, tbe sketch blog of Christopher J Paulsen


Below is a table listing the availability and pricing of most of my artwork. If you wish to purchase a piece, please contact me to discuss payment and shipping. I am also available for commissioned artwork - click the link for details.

Note: Pieces from the House and Home series have yet to be framed so they are not included in the table below. Once framing is complete, they will be added to the table. Until then, if you wish to purchase a piece unframed, you can email me to discuss price and framing options.

Note: The sizes listing on the gallery pages are for the image only and do not include the added size of the frame. Framed works are indicated in the notes column.

Note: Instead of framing, all paintings have the sides of the canvases painted. They are all ready for display.

Note: Pieces marked "Reserved" mean someone has asked me to set the piece aside for a later purchse. Not all come through, so you are free to inquire about purchasing reserved pieces. Depending on the case, you might be able to get it.

Artwork Availability and Pricing
Contradictions Series    
Pagoda $750 Framed
Don't Gentlemen Duel With Pistols? Sold  
Assimilation Sold  
The Furnace Sold  
Cast of Thousands $750 Framed
Are You Thinking Clearly? Sold  
Closed For Repair $750 Framed
Rules of the Game $500 Framed
Flood Gates $500 Framed
Fred & Ginger Sold  
Heredity See note Unframed - Contact artist for options
Arteries See note Unframed - Contact artist for options
Sad Robots Series    
The Car Crash Not For Sale  
Nesting $600 Framed
Rusting $600 Framed
Off the Rack $600 Framed
Beast of Burden $600 Framed
Fun House $600 Framed
Dangling See note Unframed - Contact artist for options
Motherhood Reserved Unframed - Contact artist for options
On Beauty Series    
Runway Model 1 $200  
Runway Model 2 $200  
Runway Model 3 Sold  
Cheerleader 1 $200  
Cheerleader 2 $250  
Cheerleader 3 $250  
Eye Candy 1 Sold  
Eye Candy 2 Sold  
Eye Candy 3 Sold  
Model/Actress 1 $250  
Model/Actress 2 Sold  
Scandal $250  
Liberal Arts Sold  
The War Wife $250  
Who Knows You Best? $200  
Dania Koren $250  
Mi Magnolia $250  
The Hiking Trip Series    
California Hike 1 $200  
California Hike 2 $200  
California Hike 3 Reserved  
The Tree of Life Sold  
Detour Sold  
Plastic Plants Series    
Poinsettias $400  
Groundcover Sold  
Poppies $400  
Leafy Arrangement $400  
Violets Unmatched Sold  
Wild Fern $400  
Bite-Sized Paintings Series    
Bite-Sized 1 $80  
Bite-Sized 2 $80  
Bite-Sized 3 Reserved  
Bite-Sized 4 $80  
Bite-Sized 5 $80  
Bite-Sized 6 $80  
Bite-Sized 7 $80  
Bite-Sized 8 Reserved  
Bite-Sized 9 $80  
Bite-Sized 10 $80  
Bite-Sized 11 $80  
Bite-Sized 12 Sold  
Precocious Paintings    
Tiffany 1 Sold  
Jacob 1 $80  
Dionne 1 $80  
Bud 1 $80  

Those purchasing artwork will be required to sign a standard agreement regarding copyright and intellectual property. If you want to know more about this, contact me.