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March 17, 2008
As hinted in my last update, I updated the width of this site to fit my verbose title stylings. Gallery pages and the image on the main page now take advantage of the extra space. I did some other tweaks as well, such as linking to the Latest News page on every page as opposed to only on the main index.
The "Precocious" page now has a second character displayed for your viewing pleasure. This was actually done a few days ago, but it didn't get reported on this page.
March 12, 2008
"House and Home" had finally moved from In Progress to its rightful home under Printmaking! That series was finished months ago, but I didn't have any quality pics before now. (In truth, the images on the site have been salvaged from a color correcting disaster - meaning the colors are slightly off and I lost a lot of my deep blacks. Eh, it's something.) Actually, make that "House & Home," since "and" makes the spacing look bad. In other news, I either need to make my left navigation wider or use shorter titles for my art.
Two new shows have been announced on the home page (woohoo!) and my resume has been updated accordingly.
Minor updates: Finally created a news archive page, which will grow and adapt as more updates happen. The "Hiking Trip" series was placed under the In Progress section, although it's just a tease for now as I have no content to go with it. This series is almost done, so expect to see pictures soon!
There are so many things I need to do! Immediate future plans include adding a new section that details my shows. This section will include press releases, take-aways, photos, lists of the work displayed and any good stuff relating to the exhibitions. Related to that, I hope to go through the site and add exhibition/pricing information to each piece's page. Eventually I also want to add a page with information on commissioning me for artwork. If I keep moving at the pace I have been, I will likely start an RSS feed/mailing list for my site. Oh, and one day I might stop piggybacking of the lovely MAB's site and grab a domain of my own. Oooh...
February 26, 2008
I have art supplies! A picture of Bud Oven, one of the main characters in "Precocious," has been added to the comic's page. So many shiny new techniques went into creating that image, so woohoo!
February 12, 2008
Slightly tweaked my general artist statement.
Removed the fancy colored pencil graphic from the "Precocious" page because I got tired of looking at the botched drawings of Bud and Autumn, my two main characters. I'll have to create new, more accurate versions before I put the banner back.
January 29, 2008
First update in a loooong time.
Did some much-needed updating on my resume. The organizations I belong to were added, along with update school and show information.
I have new show! Shepherd's Scarborough Library has granted me a solo show that will hang for the month of February. After making "serious" art for my graduate classes, it's refreshing to hang the bright and/or cheeky work that makes up my drawings and paintings.
In the upcoming weeks, I will be having my work photographed by a *real* photographer, which will enable me to up the art content on this site significantly. The "House and Home" series is finished, so it will be the first update once I have nice new photos.

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